A clear company commitment

The sprayer units specialists

We believe that if you want to do something great you must to be fully committed and focus. This is why we have been working hard on a specific product for 70 years, because we want to offer you the best result and a trustworthy answer.

We know how to listen

In order to keep improving ourselves we constantly listen to those who are in the fields, everyday. We have been doing this for 79 years.

Optimization of each piece

We do not assemble standard parts, we design each component to let it work in synergy with the group.


Our experience allow us to offer the perfect solution for each unit in every plantation.

Technical edge

Targeted research and development

Our designer are constantly involved in focus research & development projects, working side-by-side with agricultural machine manufacturers and farmers. This is the only way for technology to know the real problems providing effective solutions.

It is no coincidence

We know well our sector and we work side by side with researchers and universities in order to improve the performance of our products.

High quality materials

It does not matter if we are talking about plastic materials, metal sheets, fusions or treatments. In order to build long lasting products, you need certified quality.

Made in Italy for real

Checking the supply chain is really important for us in order to guarantee the quality level that we are offering. We do not want any unwanted surprise.

The final product

Real high performances

When a farmer finds out that he is saving fuel, when he is spending less time doing his job with healthier plants. In that moment he really understands the benefit of choosing Fieni.

Real output

Air volumes developed by our sprayer units are measured and tested in real working conditions without using test benches.

Zero waste

The treatment must penetrate only when it’s needed otherwise we produce too much waste.

Acoustic comfort

Fan assemblies’ noisiness is a key factor for the operator. Our design reduce the noisiness level.