A clear company commitment

The sprayer units specialists

For 70 years we have been working in the agricultural machinery field, designing and manufacturing fan units and all their components.

We know how to listen

In order to keep ourselves improving we constantly listen to those who are in the fields every day.

Optimization of each piece

We do not assemble commercial gearboxes and fans, we design and manufacture these components in order to work in synergy with the fan unit.


Our experience allows us to offer the best solutions for each sprayer and for every orchard.

Technical edge

Targeted research and development

Our designers are constantly involved in research and development projects focused on innovation and on the design of new fan units.
The collaboration with manufacturers and farmers allows us to know and build specific fan units for the agriculture needs.

It is no coincidence

Researchers and university centers work with us in order to reach the best performance.

High quality materials

We check the quality of every material in order to realize long lasting products.

Made in Italy for real

Checking the supply chain is really important for us in order to guarantee the best quality.

The final product

Real high performances

Less use of chemical products and fuel and a better air coverage distribution, allow you to achieve a healthy plantation with significant energy and financial savings. This is what makes our customers satisfied with Fieni products.

Real output

Air volumes developed by our sprayer units as long as the absorbed powers are measured and tested in real working conditions without testing only the fan using test benches.


The pesticide treatment must penetrate deeply, properly wetting the leaves. Our fan units possess the right features in order to achieve these targets without wasting chemical products.

Acoustic comfort

Noise is highly polluting. We have been designing fan units for many years in order to reach the lowest noise level.

Fans for agricultural sprayers

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