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All Fieni fan units are tested in real working conditions. Our test protocol requires the operator to put the unit into operation by measuring the outlet air speed in different positions and at different fan blades angles.

This procedure allows you to calculate the volume of air produced by the unit net of air velocity losses due to the various obstacles in the unit. At the same time we detect the HP required for the functioning of the fan unit using devoted equipment.

General information
Why should I choose a Fieni fan unit?

Quality – customization – High performances – Design, these have always been our priorities and what made Fieni known all over the world.
All the gearboxes, fans and clutches are internally manufactured: they have been studied and designed specifically to work on Fieni fan units, making them trustable and long lasting.

How can I choose which Fieni unit would better suit my needs?

Specifications required in order to understand which are the units that mostly suit your requirements are: tank capacity, Hp of the tractor available and fan diameter. Our data sheets can help find the best machine. For any additional information you can always get in touch with our technical staff.

Is it possible to personalize a Fieni sprayer unit?

Yes, it is possible but it must be evaluated together: generally we require a minimum order quantity in order to do so.

Can Fieni sprayer units be assembled on any kind of tank?

Fieni sprayer units can be assembled on different kinds of tanks: alongside with the order we will ask you to specify the model and the capacity of the tank, in order to guarantee the best application.

Does Fieni supply manifolds along with sprayer units?

Yes, all fan units are supplied with pipes and nozzle holders.

Does Fieni supply nozzles?

Generally we don’t supply nozzles. Choosing a nozzle is very difficult and the choice must be made along with your supplier depending on the plantations that have to be treated.

What is Turbo Air?

Turbo air is a simple application made by a ring positioned in the middle of the air outflow and a cone. The air from the bottom side of the sprayer unit is recovered and directed towards the upper side with an increase of the air volume.

Which material are Fieni fans made of?

Fieni manufactures aluminum fans and fans with blades of composite material and aluminum hub.

What do you mean with adjustable blades?

Each blade has 3 different pitches. We can change the pitch of the blades in order to reach a different performance and a different HP absorption. Every fan is usually supplied with blades at medium inclination in order to guarantee the best performance and efficiency.

Are Fieni fans interchangeable?

No, it depends on the fan model. VPL and aluminum fans that have the same diameters are interchangeable, while the VNS fans having a lower rpm are not interchangeable.

How many blades are Fieni fans equipped with?

Aluminum fans have 8 blades adjustable in 2 pitches. All the fans in composite material, with or without clutch, have 9 blades adjustable in 3 pitches.

Which are the available diameters?

We manufacture fans with a diameter that goes from a minimum of 400 mm to a maximum of 1060 mm.

Are Fieni fans equipped with a clutch?

Fieni aluminum fans are all equipped with a centrifugal clutch. Fieni VPL fans with the blades in composite material can be supplied with the centrifugal clutch but also without the centrifugal clutch SFVPL.
Fieni VNS and VNF1060 fans with blades in composite material are equipped with the centrifugal clutch. Only in a few cases can they be supplied without clutch.

What’s the difference between a fan with or without clutch?

The fan unit performance does not change. The main difference relies on the activation and switching off of the fan. If the fan has a clutch, the activation and shutdown will be progressive, while without the clutch the activation and shutdown will be direct and the mechanical parts suffer a blow.

Are the gearboxes manufactured by Fieni?

Yes, all gearboxes, fans and clutches assembled on the fan units are manufactured by Fieni.

Which type of oil can be used for the Fieni's gearboxes and which is the required quantity?

You can use SAE 60:70 oil for our gearbox. Define the correct quantity taking as a reference point the oil level visible on the bottom of the rectangular cover of the gearbox.

Is it possible to assemble a Fieni gearbox on other manufacturers’ fans?

The application of one of our gearboxes on the competitors fans is possible by carefully studying the best possible solution together with the customer.

What is the difference of fan units with gearbox assembled between the back plate and the fan?

The fan units with gearbox assembled between the back plate and fan allow you to gain a more compact fan unit. In addition, the gearbox is cooled and kept clean by the existent air flow.

Straightening vanes
What are the straightening vanes?

The straightening vanes are composed of fixed fins or vanes to be placed in the air intake or in the air outlet. The straightening vanes allow a better air distribution than the fan units that don’t assemble it. In order to reach a better performance, the straightening vanes must be studied and combined with the specific fan.

What are the straightening vanes used for?

The RAD2000 straightening vanes assembled in the air inlet on the fan unit with our aluminum fan allow you to increase the air volume and improve the air distribution. The other type of RD straightening vanes are assembled in the air outlet and improve the air distribution while in the VNS fan units adjustable fins made of composite materials are assembled and can be manually tilted into the desired position.

GUN500 agricultural cannon
Does the GUN500 require special applications for the assembly on the sprayer?

The GUN500 agricultural gun does not require any particular application and it is assembled exactly like a traditional fan unit.

How is the GUN500 agricultural gun used?

GUN500 is extremely versatile and thanks to its low absorption it can also be used with small tractors. It is mainly used for treatments in greenhouses, tall stems and extensive cultivations. Over the past few years it has been widely used in disinfestation treatments against locusts, mosquitoes and parasites.

Can I carry out the rotation of the GUN500 directly from the tractor?

Yes, it is possible to carry out the rotation directly on the tractor by connecting the tractor's hydraulic intake hoses to the GUN500 cylinder couplings.