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High performances and reliability.
Do you guess why?

For every sprayer unit performance means profit.
It means how many air cubic meters per hour a sprayer unit can move once installed on your sprayer.

A key data that in the last 30 years we have been able to increase by 70%, offering to our customers sprayer units that can make a difference.

Fieni technology 56 913 CM12 STD
90’s concept
48.480 m³/h

Traditional sprayer units, with aluminium fans and without rectifiers to increase efficiency.

Fieni technology 56 VNS d 913
81.285 m³/h

Brand news sprayer units with polymer fans, a fruit of advanced aerodynamic studies and optimized conveyor.

The difference has been proven by data and then measured by us in real application and working conditions, not only on test benches in theoretical conditions.

* Data resulting from a comparative test in real working conditions with D.913-56 VAU and D.913-56VNS products and 37 HP absorption.

A better design thanks to the technical polymer fans

The heart of the performance relies on the fan design because the fan must work in perfect synergy with the entire unit.

The new plastic materials allowed us to match a high mechanical resistance, the same of metal fans, with an advanced design, which is the fruit of aerodynamic studies, reaching inconceivable efficiency for traditional aluminium components.

Aerodynamic calculations at the university and continuous tests

The Fieni fan is the fruit of research in collaboration with the most important national universities: a virtuous example of applied research and collaboration between the world of business and institutions.

Fieni distribution

Fieni technology schema distribuzione

Fieni products allow better air circulation thanks to the study made on the fans and on the entire unit.

What are the advantages for the farmer? A powerful air flux brings a better penetration of the chemical agent through the vegetation: cultivations are mosteined in a more pervasive and extended way, using at the same time less product.

The Fieni effect: performance and savings

Best output

Global integration, quality materials, continuous tests: each one of our choice aims to a better performance, reaching up to 200% in terms of penetration of the air flux.

Better acoustic comfort

An efficient sprayer is a silent sprayer. A silent sprayer allows you to work better and longer: your eardrums will thank you

Frankness and reliability made in Italy

Totally Fieni style: offering trustworthy products, quality without any compromise and performances that correctly answer to the declared specs. A quality technology, made with an handcrafted spirit, devoted to agriculture.

Fieni Sprayer Units

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