Which are the differences between a sprayer unit assembling the VPL fan and another unit assembling the VNS fan ?

In the year 2005 the firm Fieni Giovannis rl designed and manufactured the fan with the blades type VPL.
This fan is available of diameters 500mm, d.550mm, d.616mm, d.712mm, d.815mm, d.913mm. It is provided with the centrifugal clutch in metal or even without the clutch. It consists of an aluminum hub with lining, and of 9 blades in composite material.
The blades are adjustable in 3 different angles.
The blade type VPL is the first blade of  composite material produced by Fieni.
The units that assemble the VPL fan are suitable  to sprayer all types of plants, with good performance and good balance between quality and price.
The fan VPL is produced with rotation CW and CCW direction.
Fieni fans with adjustable blades of composite materials are patented.

In 2012 the firm Fieni Giovannis srl  designed and manufactured the fan with the
blades type VNS.
This fan is available of diameters d.712mm, d.815mm, d.913mm.
It is provided with the centrifugal clutch in metal
It consists of an aluminum hub with lining, and of 9 blades in composite material.
The blades are adjustable in 3 different angles.
The shape of the blades VNS have been studied:
To produce large volumes of air - you can sprayer plants with lots of leaves saving  chemical product and time
To make only a few noise -it  will prevent noise pollution
To absorb a few HP - large volumes of air and low HP requested. You have important fuel savings
The fans type VNS are sold only together with Fieni gearbox.

The fan type VNS is manufatured from 2012 with counterclockwise rotation and from
November 2015 also with Clockwise rotation.
The units that assemble theVNS fan are suitable to sprayer plants with a lot of
leaves (for example, citrus fruit).
Fieni fans with adjustable blades of composite materials are patented.

Why should I choose a Fieni's sprayer unit?

Quality - High performances - Design , these have always been our priorities and what made Fieni known all over the world. All gearboxes , fans and clutches are of our own manufacturing, they have been studied and designed to work on our sprayer unit, this is the reason for the long life of our sprayer units.

How can I define which is the Fieni's sprayer unit that most suit my requirements?
Specifications required to understand which are the units that most suit your requirements are: tank's capacity, Hp of the tractor available, and fan's diameter. Our technical catalogue will be of great support to identify the best machine. For further information always get in touch with our technical staff.
Is it possible to personalize a Fieni's sprayer unit?
Yes, it is possible to personalize the products but it must be decided together with the customer, generally we require a minimum quantity of order .

On your cataloque we see that some sprayer units have the gearbox assembled between the backplate and the fan ( SERIE CORTA). Which is the difference between this kind of application and the traditional one with the gearbox assembled between the backplate and the tank?

Sprayer units with internal gearbox ( SERIE CORTA) allow the customer to manufacture a more compact sprayer, they are suitable both for trailed and mounted sprayers.

Are Fieni's fans interchangeable?
Yes all Fieni's fans, with the samen diameter, are interchangeable .
What is the Turbo Air?
Turbo air is a very simple application composed by a cone and a ring positioned in the middle of the out -let air flow. The air from the bottom side of the sprayer units gets recovered towards the upper side with an increase of the air - volume.
Does Fieni supply sprayer units complete with manifolds?
Yes all Fieni's sprayer units are supllied with manifolds and nozzle's holders.
Do you also supply nozzles?
No , generally we don't, but we be will glad to suggest the most suitable type of nozzle for any kind of Fieni's sprayer unit.
How can I manufacturer a sprayer with GUN500?
GUN500 does not require any special application it is assembled exactly like a traditional sprayer unit.
Can I assemble a Fieni's sprayer unit on any kind of tank?

Fieni's sprayer units can be assembled on different tanks, on ordering the goods we will ask you the model and capacity of the tank you are going to make the assemblage on.

Does Fieni manufacture its own gearboxes?

Fieni manufactures its own gearboxes, also the fans and clutches assembled on the sprayer units are of Fieni manufacturing.

Which type of oil can be used for the Fieni's gearboxes and which is the required quantity?

The oil used for the gearboxes is SAE 60:70, as regards the quantity , every gearbox is provided with an oil level that indicates the right quantity.

Is it possible to assemble Fieni's gearboxes on other manufacturer's fans?

This application will need some adjustments on the gearbox or on the fan, the best solution will be studied together with the customer.

Is it possible to assemble Fieni's fans on other manufacturer's gearboxes?

It is possible, Fieni and the customer will have to find an agreement together

Which material are Fieni's fans made of?

Fieni manufactures some fans all  in Aluminium and some fans in Aluminium with the blades in composite material.

Which are the available diameters on Fieni's fans?

Minimum 500 mm. - Maximum 1060 mm.

Are Fieni's fans provided with clutch?

Fieni's Aluminium fans are available with the centrifugal clutch.

Fieni's aluminium fans with the blades in composite material type VPL can be supplied with the centrifugal clutch, but also without the centrifugal clutch SFVPL.

 Fieni's aluminium fans with the blades in composite material type VNS and F1060 are available with the centrifugal clutch.

How many blades are assembled on Fieni's fans.

Aluminium fans have 8 adjustable blades. All the fans in composite material have  9 adjustable blades in 3 different angles.

What do you mean with adjustable blades?

Each blade has 3 different angles. The angle of the blades can be changed to have different performances and different absorption of HP. Usually every fan is supplied with blades at an average inclination that allows the best performances.

Why only some fans are provided with clutch?

With sprayer units mounting big diameter fan working with gearbox, we suggest to use the centrifugal clutch if you want the sprayer to have a long life. With smaller and lighter fans it is possible to work without clutch with satisfactory results.

What is a straightening vane and what is it used for?

The Straightening Vane is a set of  blades that can be assembled at the intake air or outlet air.

To give the correct results, the straightening vane must be designed and matched to a specific fan. The SV allow a better distribution of the air compared to the sprayer units that do not assemble it.  The SV RAD2000 assembled in intake air on the sprayer unit with aluminium fan increases the quantity of the air and straightens the outlet flow.

The other type of straightening vanes RD straightens the outlet flow.


Is it possible to mount the straightening vanes in a different position, for instance in outlet air ?

It must be stated beforehand that a SV gives higher performances only if studied and designed for its own fan. Fieni's SV warrants high performances only if assembled on Fieni's fans as these two components have been projected to work together. By our tests we have verified that the highest performances are given if RAD2000 SV is positioned in intake air.

While the RD straightening vanes has been studied to be assembled in outlet air.

Which are the possible applications with cannon for agricolture GUN500?

GUN500 is a very versatile machine that due to its low Hp required can be used also with very small tractors. Traditional usage is for greenhouses,  high trees , open field cultivations. In latest years GUN500 turned out to be a very successful machine for the disinfestation of insects such as locusts , mosquitos etc.

Is it possible to rotate the GUN500 directly from the tractor?

The rotation of GUN500 can be easily done directly from the tractor , through the hydraulic connection between GUN500 and the tractor.

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